Timo Schierhorn/Katharina Duve

In their music videos Katharina Duve and Timo Schierhorn use analog everyday objects like postcards, group-photographies, maps or banknotes to appropriate the potential of the mass media in an experimental way. In the tradition of copy art they sample, cut up and re-unite pre-existing images in analog collages, which they later digitalize for further editing. For their masterclass they prepared a performative presentation, using a top-down live camera installed on a table which was broadcasting to a screen. Therefore they could present all their archive of original, analog footage to the audience and animate it underneath the camera, while explicating the production process and the context of the visual footage and music.

In the first session, Kati and Timo present two music videos: "Fratzengulasch" (20119 and "Ich Verblühe" (2012). Starting point of both of these works are found footage materials which focus on representation: a school photo and former banknotes. They talk about strategies of appropriation, mashup, destruction and renewal.

In the second block, the music videos “Woher Kommst Du” (2016) and “Mrs Yamaha's Summer Tune” (2020) are examined more closely. The central idea of this work is the recontextualization of everyday documents: (old) maps and (old) postcards. How do you question the ordering systems of the world by shifting the known boundaries? What do the images of tourism tell about our desires and dreams?


Music video, 5.21min, 2011


The starting point of the music video Fratzengulasch is a panoramic photograph depicting the staff of the University of Exeter around 1920. Among the approx. 500 males there is just one woman. In addition to digital processing, the photograph was graphically collaged using analog means such as colored pencils, Tipp-Ex, newspaper cuttings, found feathers, etc. Scribblings and drawings utilized in the video were co-produced by Jakobus Siebels and Mense Reents, who are the actual members of the band Die Vögel. The song title 'Fratzengulasch" is a term from the German techno scene and describes spasms of the face due the side effects of consuming ecstasy or LSD.


Performers: Jakobus Siebels, Mense Reents (Die Vögel)

Video production: Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn

Artwork: K. Duve, M. Reents, T. Schierhorn, J. Siebels

Die Goldenen Zitronen: Ich verblühe

From the album "Who's Bad," Buback Label

Music video, 3.37 min, 2013


The video clip takes a close look at the ideogrammatics of international banknotes. Politicians, dictators, and monarchs – once the proud guardian spirits of their currencies – appear to be consumed by self-doubt as they sing a song about their midlife crisis.


Video: Mense Reents & Timo Schierhorn

Production: Auge Altona

JaKönigJa: Woher kommst du

From the album "Emanzipation im Wald," Buback Label

Video, 4.47 min, 2016


Contrary to what the title and chorus suggest, the song does not ask about the origin of a particular person, but about the origin and essence of music (and art). The singing 'I' does not see themself here as the creator of a musical work, but rather as the recipient and grateful exile, who finds refuge in the musical space. The video, in turn, plays with the ostensibly spatial aspect of the song by taking up the question of location in the literal sense and staging new topographies. In this way, borderlines disappear, old familiar cartographies are turned upside-down, and new worlds emerge. The band members merge with the topography. Through this, the video emphasizes music, and art, as a space of transformation.


Video: Katharina Duve, Timo Schierhorn

Artwork: Jakobus Durstewitz, Katharina Duve

Production: Auge Altona

Richard von der Schulenburg (RVDS): Mrs. Yamaha's Summer Tune

From the album "Moods and Dances 2021," January 29, 2021

Video, 4.24 min, 2021


Around the world in 80 postcards. Findings from the flea market tell of distant destinations and past places of longing. Heartfelt vacation greetings, sent by Kati & Timo.



Video: Katharina Duve & Timo Schierhorn

Production: Auge Altona


Katharina Duve and Timo Schierhorn are video artists and filmmakers based in Hamburg. Since 2011 they have been working together. Their collaborations include music videos for Die Goldenen Zitronen, Dj Koze, Sophia Kennedy, Die Vögel, Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales, Deichkind (Leider Geil), dance/music performances and video projections for theater productions ("Firmenhymnen" by Thomas Ebermann, Kampnagel). Since 2012 under the name Auge Altona, they have been working as part of the creative team of the band Deichkind.

Filmography: 2011 Fratzengulasch – Die Vögel; 2012 Leider Geil – Deichkind; 2013 Der Investor – Die Goldenen Zitronen; 2015 I Haven't Been Everywhere But It Is on My List – DJ Koze; 2016 Woher Kommst du? - Ja König Ja; 2017 Stars – Schnipo Schranke; 2019 Richtig Gutes Zeug – Deichkind.