VIVA FOTOFILM bewegt / unbewegt

Viva Photofilm Moving / Non-Moving

The photofilm opens up interspaces: Between the still images in film, there are potential spaces, fruitful places, which are charged by the imagination. "This concerns the opening up of space to act and the extent to which life can be shaped. One can consider this in an artistic sense as 'shape-able' space, as time-space. And this is characterized in a unique way in photofilm: This potential space between the images [...] is celebrated in photofilm and accorded an opportunity to unfold there." (Siegfried Zielinski) The book documents a fresh, intensified discourse with the still image in a cinematographic context, between experimental, animation, documentary and narrative cinema, as indeed between film, photography and media art. The photofilm is situated within these interspaces, on their thresholds, between the arts.